Full-paper submision is up to November 16, 2022

All Authors of accepted Congress abstracts are encouraged to submit full-text papers to the Special Issue of European Biophysics Journal. 


  1. Log on to Editorial Manager accessed via the journal’s homepage:
    Direct link to submission site:
  2. Click on Submit new manuscript
  3. Choose article type: “S.I. : Polish Biophysical Society Meeting 2022”
    Articles of a wide variety can be submitted – research articles, methods articles, review articles and technical primers, which take a key biophysical technique and summarise its theoretical and practical basis and how it can be applied to answer biological questions.
  4. Upload your article files. These can be submitted as a single Word file with figures embedded, or as a Word file with figures uploaded separately (select file type “Images”), tables may also be submitted within the main text or as separate files. You may also upload a LaTeX document, or a PDF of a LaTeX submission with the source file submitted as a supplementary file. Please note however that a PDF alone (whether generated from Word, LaTeX or another system) cannot be processed further and source files will be required before your paper can be published. Supplementary Information files of, for example, supplemental figures are also welcome.
    Matching guidance is provided on the file upload page.
    Also see: submission guidelines but note that these are for guidance only and are a combination of journal-specific and generic publisher guidelines.
  5. On the next page select your 4 classifications.
  6. On the next page please suggest reviewers – you are strongly encouraged to do this, but please try and select people who are not members of the Polish biophysical community in addition to any that are. Please try to avoid selecting close associates or recent collaborators.
  7. On the next page please indicate any specific comments you wish the journal office to be aware of. These could include a covering note.
  8. On the next page you will be asked to insert specific information about your article, including: Title, Abstract (no more than 250 words), Keywords, details of Authors and any Funding information.
  9. When you have completed these details please submit the article for PDF generation and then confirm submission.
  10. On submission your article will be received initially by the Journal Office, the Managing Editor will then forward to an appropriate Guest Editor representing the Polish biophysical community for peer review. The Guest Editors are: Jan Antosiewicz, Wojciech Bal and Piotr Marszalek.
  11. You will not need to pay for submission or for figures, whether grayscale or colour. The only charges that should be required are any necessary Open Access charges. Concerning Open Access:
    • If your institution and/or funder(s) do not require “Gold” full Open Access then you should self-archive your paper for non-subscription distribution in PubMed as well as in any institutional archives. You should deposit the final submitted and accepted PDF of the paper and will be asked by SpringerNature to transfer copyright which is their standard policy for self-archived papers.
    • If your institution and/or funder does require “Gold” full Open Access, which for Springer journals is called “Open Choice” then the additional costs will need to be borne from the authors’ research expenses or covered from a specific fund including those that may be provided by research councils or institutions.